Monday, 19 December 2011

Effective facial care - Zenzoria

Zenzoria collection

Zenzoria's collections-
Bottle1. Cleanser
Ingredient: Aloe Vera and herbal extract
Function: remove make-up, impurities, dead cells

Bottle2. Toner
Ingredient: Aloe Vera, Chamomile and other herbal extracts
Function: adjusting skin pH and as a base to allow nutrients of other Zenzoria series to absorb
chamomile herb -
Bottle3. Reborn
Ingredient: Vitamin C, E
Function: Rejuvenate and rebuild cells, producing collagen

Bottle4. Refine
Ingredient: Vitamins etc
Function: promotes blood circulations, facilitating cell renewal.  Slight exfoliation will be seen after use.  Also to facilitate growth of new caplillaries which distribute adequate nutrients and oxygen to all cells

Bottle5. Sunscreen SPF 30
Ingredient: Beta Carotene, Canola Oil, etc
Functions: prevent premature aging, pigmentation and moisturizing

Bottle6. Moisturizer
Ingredient: Aloe Extracts, Anti-oxidants
Functions: hydrating skin and calming skin with irritations

Bottle7. VC15
Ingredient: 15% antioxidant Vitamin C
Function: Promotes collagen and elastin production, prevent wrinkles, reducing pigment formation

Bottle9a. Pore minimizer Serum
Ingredient: Aloe extracts
Function: Control sebum secretion

Recommendation:  Zenzoria #1 to #6 for age 14 and above, selling at RM1168 (non member price),  RM886 (member price).  For further enquiries, please contact

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